Letters: A Dying Breed

I remember an incident that happened about 22 years ago... It had already been a few years since I encountered kids in the woods... hunting grouse, bushwhacking up a trout stream... or just plain hiking off the beaten path. Sure... there were the kids hiking the Oberg Trail... the high density stuff. But none exploring the wilds. One June day, around 1991, I was standing on the bridge of the Sucker River on Fox Farm Road peering into the waters to see if I could catch a glimpse of a trout... when suddenly I heard the jubilant voices of boys in the woods. They came from the tag alders about 150 yards in the brush. I saw the tips of fishing poles above the bushes before I saw them. They were excited. They had caught some brookies... and they were hooked. But, that is one of the last times I saw a child in the wild. They're a dying breed...  succumbing to all the technology and the fear of ticks.
~ U.J. ~